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(Playlist) THE ACCUSED (The 80s) - In 40 Minutes

Ah, The Accused. In their hands crossover thrash never sounded so untamed, so absolutely bonkers. Much of that came from the Blayne's crazed vocals, but listen closely and you'll notice some pretty unusual riffing going on, as well.

Here we curate a 40 minute set of the best material from the first three records for your listening pleasure.

Martha's pissed and she's coming for you!!

Side One

The Return of Martha Splatterhead (1986)

(0:00) Martha Splatterhead

(2:17) Take My Time

(4:23) Buried Alive

(5:50) Slow Death

(8:06) She's A Killer

(10:00) Fuckin' For Bucks

More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral (1987)

(12:17) Lifeless Zone

(15:08) Mechanized Death

(17:58) Take No Prisoners

Side 2

(19:57) I'll Be Glad When Your Dead

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told (1988)

(21:47) The Bag Lady

(23:50) Inherit The Earth

(27:05) Sick Boy

(28:17) Scared of the Dark


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