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(Playlist) MOLLY HATCHET (LATTER ERA) - In 40 Minutes

Hell yeah!!! Time for some heavy southern rock from the legendary Molly Hatchet!

Specifically, this playlist contains the best tracks of the latter era of the band which continues to be led by guitarist Bobby Ingram over its last five studio albums. This period of the band continues to be ignored by early era fans due to the non-inclusion of any original members (other than Danny Joe Brown on the first release), but there's some great material to be found.

So, The Mighty Decibel steps up to educate the masses on what they've been missing.

The South will rise again!!!

Side One

Devil's Canyon (1996)

(0:00) Down From The Mountain

(4:38) Devil's Canyon

Silent Reign of Heroes (1998)

(10:54) Saddle Tramp

Kingdom of XII (2000)

(18:09) Gypsy Trail

Side 2

(21:55) White Lightning

(25:45) Angel of Dixie

Warriors of Rainbow Brisge (2005)

(29:53) Gone In Sixty Seconds

Justice (2010)

(33:28) Been To Heaven, Been To Hell

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