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(Playlist) MIDNIGHT - In 40 Minutes

Some of the premier black thrash of the last decade has been coming from the Midnight camp, so it's high time that The Mighty Decibel celebrates the band's discography with an In 40 Minutes episode dedicated to the band's best tracks.

Embrace the fucking speed and darkness 'cause you can't stop steel!!!!

Side One

Satanic Royalty (2011)

(0:00) You Can't Stop Steel

(3:22) Violence On Violence

(5:28) Rip This Hell

No Mercy For Mayhem (2014)

(8:49) Try Suicide

Sweet Death and Ecstasy (2017)

(12:46) Penetratal Ecstasy

Rebirth By Blasphemy (2020)

(16:28) Fucking Speed and Darkness

Side 2

(20:27) Rebirth By Blasphemy

(23:35) You Can Drag Me Through Fire

Let There Be Witchery (2022)

(27:39) Let There Be Sodomy

Hellish Expectations (2024)

(31:02) Expect Total Hell

(34:31) Slave of the Blade

(36:22) Nuclear Saviour

(39:00) Deliver Us To Devil

(41:23) Fuck Off and Live


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