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(Playlist) MANOWAR (82-84) - In 40 Minutes

Manowar - no other band fractures the metal world like the self-proclaimed "Kings of Metal". Some pound their chest and pledge allegiance to the band, while others simply let out a laugh at the mere mention of their name.

Me? I absolutely love the first four full lengths (represented here), while smirking at the band's he-man persona and definately hearing a drop in quality from thereon out to the present day. That said, you can still find some great tracks on the latter material ... which will be the subject of separate future playlists.

Today though we focus on the essential first four full lengths putting together a kick-ass playlist of black wind that'll have all the animals out there raising their gloves of metal.


Side One

Battle Hymns (1982)

(0:00) Manowar

(3:38) Battle Hymns

Into Glory Ride (1983)

(10:35) Gloves of Metal

(16:00) Gates of Valhalla

Side 2

Hail To England (1984)

(23:30) Hail To England

(27:55) Blood of My Enemies

Sign of the Hammer (1984)

(32:20) Animals

(35:50) Sign of the Hammer


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