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(Playlist) LEGACY BANDS IN THE 2KS - In 40 Minutes

What's a "legacy band" you ask? It's a unit that made its commercial peak in the 70s/80s who continue to tour &/or issue new releases. This episode we will be focusing on legacy bands that have issued a great album(s) in the 2Ks ... but by-in-large escaped notice.

At The Mighty Decibel, we say it's time to return to the altar. They may be grey, but that doesn't mean that they should be ignored.

You young bucks up for some competition?!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "White Lightning": MOLLY HATCHET - Kingdom of XII ('00)

(3:50) "Change My Sex": TED NUGENT - Craveman ('02)

(6:51) "Come On, Come On": CHEAP TRICK - Rockford ('06)

(9:53) "Competition": MSG - In the Midst of Beauty ('08)

(13:10) "Flying": ANVIL - Hope In Hell ('13)

(17:58) "Birds of Prey": DEEP PURPLE - Infinite ('17)

Side 2

(23:41) "Rising From the Ruins": JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower ('18)

(29:01) "Tyrant King": THE RODS - Brotherhood of Metal ('19)

(33:36) "Paper Flags": ALCATRAZZ - Born Innocent ('20)

(37:38) "To Those": STYX - Crash of the Crown ('21)

(40:36) "Golden Light": URIAH HEEP - Chaos and Colour ('23)


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