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(Playlist) KIM MITCHELL - In 40 Minutes

This episode of our In 40 Minutes series is mainly for those not of the Canucklehead variety. While to us Canadians Kim Mitchell is well known, with many of these tracks staples of Canadian rock radio, people outside of these borders may have not had the pleasure to hear his post-Max Webster solo work.

So here (hear?) you go ... 40 minutes of the best Kim Mitchell material for your listening pleasure.

Grab a lager (or ale) and do your rock'n'roll duty!!!

Side One

Kim Mitchell (1982)

(0:00) Tennessee Water

Akimbo Alogo (1984)

(3:42) Go For A Soda

(7:10) Lager and Ale

Shakin' Like A Human Being (1986)

(11:15) Get Lucky (Boys and Girls)

(15:20) Patio Lanterns

(18:54) That's The Hold

Side 2

Rockland (1989)

(22:53) Rock and Roll Duty

Aural Fixations (1992)

(26:13) World's Such A Wonder

Itch (1994)

(31:12) Your Face Or Mine

Ain't Life Amazing (2007) (35:53) I Got A Line On You


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