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(Playlist) JOE PERRY PROJECT - In 40 Minutes

Joe Perry left the dysfunctional Aerosmith in late '79 with an eye to creating a solo band that would challenge Ted Nugent's guitar histrionic throne, taking over arena and stadium stages across North America in the early 80s.

While that level of success eluded the talented guitarist, the first two releases under the Joe Perry Project moniker were/are great examples of heat-blasted hard rock, chock-a-block with searing guitar soloing from the legend himself. Not sure why these weren't taken to heart by more metalheads/hard rockers at the time. In retrospect, utilizing two different frontmen for the records probably didn't help.

Now that third record - yowza, what a complete and utter failure! Changing their sound to some sort of bargain basement sleazy rock (that even the mainstream eschewed) was a monmental error that ultimately killed the band and forced Perry back into the waiting arms of Aerosmith.

From the east coast to the west coast, there's no substitute for arrogance. Catch the buzz, buzz!!!

Let The Music Do The Talking (1980)

(0:00) Let the Music Do the Talking

(4:41) Shooting Star

(8:17) Break Song

(10:22) Life At A Glance

I've Got The Rock'N'Rolls Again (1981)

(12:53) East Coast, West Coast

(16:06) No Substitute For Arrogance

Side 2

(19:30) I've Got the Rock'N'Rolls Again

(24:04) Soldier of Fortune

(27:06) Buzz, Buzz

Once a Rocker, Always A Rocker (1983)

(31:35) Once A Rocker

(33:42) Walk With Me Sally


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