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(Playlist) IMPALED NAZARENE - In 40 Minutes

It's been a little too polite around these parts lately, so it's time to fuck shit up with some blasphemous, abrasive black metal!

Specifically, we'll be celebrating the discography of Finland's nastiest band ... Impaled Nazarene. Pat yourself on the back if you're able to withstand the full 40+ minutes of vile hatred put to music.

Goats! More goats!!!!!

Side One

Tor Compt Norz Norz Norz ... (1993)

(0:00) Goat Perversion

Ugra Karma (1993)

(1:11) Sadhu Satana

(3:40) Chaosgoat Law

Suomi Finland Perkele (1994)

(5:26) Ghettoblaster

(7:40) Steelvagina

Latex Kult (1996)

(10:43) Motorpenis

Rapture (1998)

(13:03) We're Satan's Generation (15:25) Iron Fist With An Iron Will

(17:51) Penis Et Circes

Side 2

Nihil (2000)

(20:25) Zero Tolerance

(22:17) Cogito Ergo Sum

Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace (2001)

(24:28) The Lost Art of Goat Sacrificing

All That You Fear (2003) (28:22) Armageddon Death Squad

Pro Patria Finlandia (2006)

(31:17) Goat Sodomy

Manifest (2007)

(33:39) Goat Justice

Road To The Octagon (2010) (36:05) Convulsing Uncontrollably

Vigorous and Liberating Death (2014)

(38:17) Kuolemon Varjot

Eight Headed Serpent (2021) (39:52) Eight Headed Serpent


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