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(Playlist) HIGH SPIRITS - In 40 Minutes

Time to celebrate the recording history of what I consider to be the greatest unknown melodic metal outfit on the planet ... High Spirits.

The first three albums are absolute classics of the genre, haymakers littering the albums just waiting for people to discover. The next two weren't quite as stacked in depth, but highlights are easy to spot. Then this year's latest upped the ante finding the band almost back in full power.

So come join us on this most magnificent listening journey, for most certainly you will find your spirits flying high when you push play ...

Side One

High Spirits (2009)

(0:00) Torture

(3:20) Wanted Dead

(6:44) High Spirits

Another Night (2011)

(12:12) Full Power

(16:07) Another Night In the City

(19:08) Going Up

Side 2

You Are Here (2014)

(22:43) Reminding You of Me

(24:57) When the Lights Go Down

Motivator (2016)

(29:03) Flying High

Hard To Stop (2020)

(32:22) We Are Everywhere

Safe on the Other Side (2023)

(36:47) One Day Closer

(41:09) In the Moonlight


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