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(Playlist) HARTMANN - In 40 Minutes

We here at The Mighty Decibel cauliflower our ears with metal/punk beatings on a regular basis, so it's good to listen to some wimphem the odd time to rest our nerves and earholes.

And one of the wimpiest artists we listen to has to be Hartmann who are led by ex At-Vance guitarist/vocalist Oliver Hartmann. His breathy vocals remind me of David Coverdale of Deep Purple/Whitesnake fame, while the music is a mix of melodic hard rock and outright ballads (gasp!).

Yeah, yeah - call me a wimp. But lend an ear to this and I'll bet that you'll be drawn into its dastardly grip too.

Don't be left out in the cold ... come alive again!!!

Out In the Cold (2005)

(0:00) Alive Again

(4:11) I Will Carry On

(9:04) What If I

(12:55) Out in the Cold

Home (2007)

(16:45) Millionaire

Side 2

3 (2009)

(20:03) Lost in Havanna

Balance (2012)

(23:32) All My Life

Shadows and Sillouettes (2016)

(27:27) High On You

Hand on the Wheel (2018)

(31:23) Your Best Excuse

Get Over It (2022)

(35:36) When We Were the Young


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