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(Playlist) FUTHARK RECORDS PRESENTS ... Summer of Death

The second Tuesday of every month we will be hosting a playlist of extreme metal curated by Futhark Records owner and founder, Claus Nader.

In this latest episode, Claus provides us with a sountrack to the "Summer of Death"!

Visit Claus at his shop (in the Danforth/Greenwood area of east Toronto) and tell him that The Mighty Decibel sent you!!!




(0:00) Exanimatvm (Chile) Sollvm Ipse Mor – Sollvm Ipse Mor (Pulverised Records, 2021) (Audio only)

(6:18) Gorephilia (Finland) Devotion Upon the Worm - In the Eye of Nothing (Me Saco un Ojo, 2020)

(13:04) Creeping Death (USA) Creators Turned into Prey – Boundless Domain (MNRK Heavy, 2023) (Audio only)

(16:47) Detherous (Canada) Gruesome Tools of Torture – Unrelenting Malevolence (Redefining Darkness, 2023)

(20:44) Lunar Chamber (USA) The Bodhi Tree – Shambalic Vibrations (20 Buck Spin, 2023)


(27:34) Dying Remains (Canada) Entombed in Putrifaction - Entombed in Putrifaction (Maggot Stomp, 2023)

(30:43) Embalmer (USA) They Can Smell Our Blood – Emanations from the Crypt (Hell’s Headbangers, 2016)

(35:08) Horror of Horrors (USA) Tragic – Fangs, Breaking the Skin (J. Bird Records, 1996)

(38:07) Innards (Portugal) The Fog – Back From the Grave...Straight in Your Face (Futhark Records, 2023)

(43:32) The Scum (Colombia) The Seal – The Hunger (Futhark Records, 2023)


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