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(Playlist) FUTHARK RECORDS PRESENTS ... South American Death Metal

The second Tuesday of every month we will be hosting a playlist of extreme metal curated by Futhark Records owner and founder, Claus Nader.

In this second episode, Claus focuses solely on some filthy South American death metal records that are polluting his ears at this time. Visit Claus at his shop (in the Danforth/Greenwood area of east Toronto) and tell him that The Mighty Decibel sent you!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Sollvm Ipsa Mor o La Voraz Antitesis del Cosmos": EXANIMATVM - Sollvm Ipsa Mor (Pulverised)

(6:24) "Amorphous Symphony of Accursed Flutes": ANCIENT CRYPTS - Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass (Burning Coffin Records)

(9:51) "Monochromatic Chambers": SUPPRESSION - The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh (Burning Coffin Records)

(14:19) "Partially Digested": CASKET GRINDER - Fall into Dementia (Awakening Records)

(18:25) "Sacramental Bleed": SUTURA -Dawn of Cursed Souls (Awakening Records)

Side 2

(23:47) "Death Kult": DEATH KULT - Under the Sign of Death (Bizarre Death Distro)

(28:04) "Worthless Christ": POISONOUS - Perdition’s Den (Blood Harvest)

(31:30) "Neurotic": HORRIFYING - Altered States of Fermentation (Veins Full of Wrath Productions)

(37:39) "The Unsane": VOMIT - Deathlike Vomit (Putrid Prods. / Deathrune Recs.)

(40:43) "Thanataphobia": SEROCS - The Phobos \ Demos Suite (Everlasting Spew)


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