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(Playlist) FUTHARK RECORDS PRESENTS - New Arrivals

The second Tuesday of every month we will be hosting a playlist of extreme metal curated by Futhark Records owner and founder, Claus Nader.

In this latest episode, Claus shares some tunes from newly arrived releases to his store. Visit Claus at his shop (in the Danforth/Greenwood area of east Toronto) and tell him that The Mighty Decibel sent you!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Holy Decapitation""

BESTARIUS - Bestarius (Morbid Rites Productions, 2022)

(3:53) "Ave Caligula"

WARFARE NOISE - Eternal Supremacy of the Tyrant (Destruktion Records, 2021)

(8:00) "Mercyless Hammer"

MERCYLESS HAMMER - Demo MMXXII (Destruktion Records, 2022)

(11:04) "Raw At War With Satan"

HELLROT - Satan's Rock'N'Roll (Destruktion Records, 2022)

(14:31) "Winds of the End"

THE SCUM - The Hunger (Satanath Records, 2022)

Side 2

(18:59) "I Am the Night"

LEATHER BRIGADE - Pray To The Knife (Destruktion Records, 2022)

(22:54) "Archetype"

CONCILIUM - A Monument In Darkness (Iron Bonehead, 2022)

(27:38) "Inverse Rapture"

TITHE - Inverse Rapture (Profound Lore, 2023)

(32:44) "Fleeing Western Territories"

KOMMAND - Death Age (20 Buck Spin, 2023)

(37:07) "Passage To Eternity"

ASCENDED DEAD - Evenfall of the Apocalypse (20 Buck Spin, 2023)

(41:56) "Blood and Bonemeal"

REEKING AURA - Blood & Bonemeal (Profound Lore, 2022)


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