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(Playlist) EXCITER (82-92) - In 40 Minutes

As an impressionable young 22 year old, I remember witnessing legendary Canadian speed merchants Exciter live at the Masonic Temple in Toronto on the Violence & Force tour. It was an eye opening experience that forever launched me into the metal underground, eschewing the large scale spectacle for more intimate settings. Off to the clubs I went!

Here, The Mighty Decibel curates the best 40 minutes of early Exciter for your headbanging pleasure. Behold the greatest speed metal band of all time.

Stand up and fight for Canadian pounding metal ... you're under attack!!!

Side One

Heavy Metal Maniac (1983)

(0:00) Stand Up & Fight

(2:48) Heavy Metal Maniac

(6:36) Under Attack

(10:54) Cry of the Banshee

Violence & Force (1984)

(14:48) Violence and Force

(18:53) Pounding Metal

Side 2

(23:29) Saxons of the Fire

Long Live The Loud (1985)

(26:56) Long Live The Loud

(31:15) I Am The Beast

Kill After Kill (1992)

(36:05) Rain of Terror

(41:10) Smashin 'Em Down


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