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(Playlist) DANZIG ('88-'94) - In 40 Minutes

It's time to celebrate Glenn Danzig's solo output, specifically focused on the first five releases between 1988 and 1994.

Hear why "Little Elvis" is such a highly regarded singer and his earliest material held in such high regard by his legions of fans.

Side One

Danzig (1988)

(0:00) Am I Demon

(4:58) Mother


(8:22) Long Way Back From Hell

(12:47) Tired of Being Alive

How The Gods Kill (1992)

(16:51) Dirty Black Summer

Side 2

Thrall:Demonsweatlive (1993)

(21:54) It's Coming Down

(25:30) Trouble Danzig 4 (1994)

(28:53) Brand New God

(33:23) Bringer of Death

(38:04) Going Down To Die


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