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(Playlist) CRO-MAGS - In 40 Minutes

Time for some NYHC (New York Hardcore for the uneducated!), as we shine the light on the discography of the pugilistic Cro-Mags.

An interesting listen this one considering the evolution of the band's sound throughout their six full length releases. And no, I'm not going to get into the band's inner conflicts ... we're here to focus on the music, dammit!!

From New York city ... here's some street justice!

Side One

The Age of Quarrel (1986)

(0:00) We Gotta Know

(3:19) Street Justice

(4:50) Survival of the Streets

Best Wishes (1989)

(5:51) Death Camps

(11:11) Down But Not Out

(15:08) Crush the Demoniac

Side 2

Alpha Omega (1992)

(19:00) See the Signs

Near Death Experience (1993)

(22:50) Death in the Womb

Revenge (2000)

(25:45) Premeditated

(27:26) Jones

(29:16) My Life

In The Beginning (2020)

(32:13) From the Grave

(34:31) Drag You Under

(36:03) PTSD

(39:33) One Bad Decision


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