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(Playlist) CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL - In 40 Minutes

Some would say that Church of the Cosmic Skull is more of a cult than a musical group, but to these ears the term "musical group" seems too trite and the use of "cult" may be overstepping the band's powers of persuasion (maybe!). Perhaps we should call them a cosmic movement instead, an attempt toward attaining ultimate knowledge. Sure, the use of hallucinogenic material may help in processing this, but even those who don't partake (like this beer-addled fan!) can try to climb that elusive last step with them.

In simpler terms, Church of the Cosmic Skull is a mind boggling psychedelic prog-rock band with four albums to their credit that'll invade and infest your brain if you're open to alluring harmony vocals, strange rhythmic patterns and total originality.

Just one more step ... press play and into the skull we go!!!!

Side One

Is Satan Real? (2016)

(0:00) Watch It Grow

Science Fiction (2018)

(4:01) Science Fiction

(8:36) Cold Sweat

Everybody's Going To Die (2019)

(13:18) Into The Skull

(16:18) Everybody's Going To Die

Side 2

(20:20) Seven

(23:28) The Great Black Hole

(26:27) Sorcery & Sabotage

There Is No Time (2022)

(29:30) Valleys and Hills Part 1 - Peel Away The Layers

(34:27) Last Words of a Dying God

(37:50) One More Step


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