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(Playlist) BOOGIE - In 40 Minutes

Betcha there's a bunch of people reading this thinking, "Just what the hell is boogie anyway?".

Wikipedia states, "Boogie is a repetitive, swung note or shuffle rhythm, "groove" or pattern used in blues which was originally played on the piano in boogie-woogie music. The characteristic rhythm and feel of the boogie was then adapted to guitar, double bass, and other instruments."

I would define it as that type of music that gets you stomping your feet in unison with the beat (headbanging &/or air guitaring also allowed!). Fast, slow or in-the-pocket, when the groove hits, you have no choice but to get-a-stompin'.

Or maybe we should just let you hear it first hand. Git down ...

Side One

(0:00) "Roll Over Lay Down": STATUS QUO - Hello

(5:42) "La Grange": ZZ TOP - Tres Hombres

(9:32) "I Ain't The One": LYNYRD SKYNYRD - pronounced leh-nerdskin-erd

(13:25) "Rocker": AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

(16:16) "Let The Good Times Roll": MOLLY HATCHET - Flirtin' With Disaster

Side 2

(19:13) "Bad To The Bone": GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS - Bad To The Bone

(24:08) "Pearly": RAGING SLAB - Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert

(27:45) "Cherry Red": FIVE HORSE JOHNSON - The Last Men On Earth

(31:55) "Optical Migraine": KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE - We're Not Here To Fuck Spiders

(35:50) "Break The Rules": STATUS QUO - Quo


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