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(Playlist) BLAZON RITE - In 40 Minutes

Are you into true, chest-beating metal? Then you have to take a listen to one of the best new units in the sub-genre ... Blazon Rite.

These Philadelphia based lads know how to pen a track - great riffs, glorious guitar playing and the requisite he-man vocals bringing it all home. They initiated activities in 2020 with an EP, then kicked down the doors with Endless Halls of Golden Totem (one of our fave Hard'N'Heavy albums of 2021) and have recently issued the glorious Wild Rites & Ancient Songs (which is sure to be one of our top 10 HNH albums of 2023).

Are you ready for the steel?!!

Dulche Bellum Inexpertis (2020)

(0:00) Into the Expanse

(5:23) Diamond Daggyr

Endless Halls of Golden Totem (2021)

(10:05) The Executioner's Woe

(13:40) Put Down Your Steel (Only For the Night)

(17:40) Endless Halls of Golden Totem

Side 2

Wild Rites & Ancient Songs (2023)

(23:22) Wild Rites & Ancient Songs

(28:19) The Fall of a Once Great House

(34:36) Troubadors of the Final Quarrel


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