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(Playlist) ANVIL ('81-'83)- In 40 Minutes

The first time I witnessed Anvil (twice in one night!) was at The Danforth Music Hall when they opened for Motorhead on their Ace of Spades tour. Lights went down and a mop-topped crazed guitarist ran through the crowd in full guitar-on-stun mode by way of introduction. They definitely got my attention ... so much so that I still call myself a fan some 44 years (and counting!) later. (In fact, this seasoned concert goer hasn't seen any other band as many times as I've taken in these Canuckleheads in a live setting.)

Here The Mighty Decibel curates the Canadian band's best 40 minutes from their first three classic albums for your listening and headbanging pleasure.

Let the bedroom games begin!!!

Side One

Hard'N'Heavy (1981)

(0:00) Bedroom Game

(3:58) School Love

(7:13) Bondage

Metal On Metal (1982)

(11:45) Mothra

(16:50) Heat Sink

(20:46) 666

(25:30) Tease Me, Please Me

Side 2

Forged In Fire (1983)

(30:24) Future Wars

(33:32) Hard Times Fast Ladies

(37:19) Winged Assassins


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