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(Playlist) AN INTRODUCTION TO ... NWOBHM ('79-'81)

Welcome to our AN INTRODUCTION TO ... series where we provide a playlist that is representative of the sub-genre in question.

This first episode we focus on the early years of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), specifically 1979 thru 1981 (part 2 covering '82-'84 to follow).

Here we've selected songs that we think encapsulate the youthfull energy that came to be representative of the NWOBHM. Additionally, we've enlisted the one-song-per-band rule, hence, some of the bigger bands not overtaking the playlist. Further, we've not included at-the-time veteran bands who heavied up their sound to compete with the many new units hitting the scene (UFO, Budgie,etc.).

C'mon let's go - it's electric!!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Poison": MOTORHEAD - Bomber ('79)

(2:52) "Euthanasia": TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Wild Cat ('80)

(6:36) "Freeway Mad": SAXON - Wheels of Steel ('80)

(9:16) "Out of the Way": VARDIS - 100 MPH ('80)

(12:12) "Wasted": DEF LEPPARD - On Through the Night ('80)

(15:59) "Iron Maiden": IRON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden ('80)

(19:30) "Atlantis": ANGELWITCH - Angelwitch ('80)

Side 2

(23:11) "It's Electric": DIAMOND HEAD - Lightning to the Nations ('80)

(26:43) "Angel Dust": VENOM - Welcome To Hell ('81)

(29:20) "Panic In the Streets": PRAYING MANTIS - Time Tells No Lies ('81)

(33:01) "Death Or Glory": HOLOCAUST - The Nightcomers ('81)

(36:33) "Don't Need Your Money": RAVEN - Rock Until You Drop ('81)

(39:49) "I'm Your Victim": GIRLSCHOOL - Hit and Run ('81)


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