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(Playlist) AN INTRODUCTION TO ... 2K Black Metal Bands

Proving that the black metal genre is in good hands, The Mighty Decibel amalgamates a playlist of some of the best output from bands born in the 2Ks.

Raging and unrepentantly bleak in perspective, here you have 40 minutes of wailing black metal that'll satiate even the hardest of blackened ears out there.

Bang your head for Satan!!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Fist of the Devil": BLACK BEAST - Nocturnal Bloodlust

(3:52) "Blood For the Crypt Dagger": CRYPT DAGGER - From Below

(6:36) "Alcoholic Blasphemy": SCHIZOGOAT - War, Pestilence and Sacrifice

(9:22) "Beast Inside": ELIZABETH - Elizabeth

(11:59) "The Wrath of Typhon": CRAVEN IDOL - Forked Tongues

(15:54) "Panzer VI": WARKVLT - Deathymn

(19:08) "Shadowed By a Veil of Scythian Arrows": HATE FOREST - Hour of the Centaur

Side 2

(23:16) "Bang Your Head For Satan": SLAUGHTERED PRIEST - Bang Your Head For Satan

(27:14) "Storming the Gates of Heaven": WINTER OF APOKALYPSE - Solitary Winter Night

(31:21) "666 Dead Angels": SAVAGE NECROMANCY - Feathers Fall To Flames

(33:24) "Blood Red Vision": SKUMSTRIKE - Deadly Intrusions

(36:48) "A Dark Sun Rises": MALLEUS - The Fires of Heaven


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