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(Playlist) 90s MOTORHEAD - In 40 Minutes

Motorhead releases outside the 70s and 80s tend to be ignored or downright denigrated, mostly with the lazy argument that "they all sound the same".

Well it's time to dispel the narrative as The Mighty Decibel shines a light on the best 40 minutes of 90s output from Lemmy and his assembled gang. (00s episode to follow!)

Get on your feet or you'll be the one to sing the blues!!!

1916 (1991)

(0:00) The One To Sing The Blues

(3:07) No Voice In The Sky

(7:20) R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

March Or Die (1992)

(8:45) Name In Vain

Bastards (1993)

(11:50) On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

(14:25) Burner

(17:19) Bad Woman

Side 2

Sacrifice (1995)

(20:37) Sex and Death

(22:39) In Another Time

(25:49) Out of the Sun

Overnight Sensation (1996)

(29:32) Murder Show

Snakebite Love (1998)

(32:35) Desperate For You

(36:02) Better Off Dead


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