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(Playlist) 90s KREATOR - In 40 Minutes

The 90s was a strange era for German thrash unit Kreator. The band issued a somewhat ho-hum release to start the decade, followed with an experimental release that worked, then lashed out with what I consider to be one of the greatest thrash album of the 90s ... then followed with two below par releases.

So a spotty record at best, but one that you can put together a stirring 40 minute best-of playlist, which we here at The Mighty Decibel have done for your listening pleasure.

Appease your twisted urges, your inner thrash will prevail!!!

Side One

Coma of Souls (1990)

(0:00) World Beyond

(2:04) Twisted Urges

Renewal (1992)

(4:51) Winter Martyrium

(10:38) Europe After The Rain

(13:54) Renewal

Cause For Conflict (1995)

(18:19) Prevail

Side 2

(22:19) Bomb Threat

(24:08) Preogressive Proletarians

(27:32) Dogmatic

(29:00) Catholics Despot

Outcast (1997)

(32:24) Phobia

Endorama (1998)

(35:47) Tyranny


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