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(Playlist) 90s CATHEDRAL - In 40 Minutes

Hail to the kings of headbanging doom - the mighty Cathedral!

To celebrate the band's prime 90s material, The Mighty Decibel has compiled a playlist that hammers home just how damn good the band was. Only Trouble and Candlemass come anywhere near this level in the sub-genre. They are elite.

Ride on, doom fiends!!!!

Side One

Forest of Equilibrium (1991)

(0:00) Soul Sacrifice

The Eethereal Mirror (1993)

(2:55) Ride

(7:42) Midnight Mountain

The Carnival Bizarre (1995)

(12:37) Vampire Sun

(16:44) Hopkins (Witchfinder General)

Side 2

(22:06) Utopian Blaster

Supernatural Birth Machine (1996)

(27:48) Urkos Conquest

(31:51) Stained Glass Horizon

Caravan Beyond Redemption (1998)

(37:20) Voodoo Fire

(43:32) Captain Klegg


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