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(Playlist) 90s AMORPHIS - In 40 Minutes

Top flight folk metal for ya this episode as The Mighty Decibel shines a light on the first four crucial albums from Finland's Amorphis. The evolution of the band's sound over the 90s is startling ... and that progression continues to this day.

From death metal to progressive folk metal ... let us show you the way!!!!

Side One

The Karelian Isthmus (1992)

(0:00) Karelia

(0:43) The Gathering

(4:56) Grail's Mysteries

Tales From the Thousand Lakes (1994)

(7:59) Thousand Lakes

(10:04) Into Hiding

Elegy (1996)

(13:45) Against Windows

(17:47) On Rich and Poor

Side 2

(23:03) My Kantele

Tuonela (1999)

(28:02) The Way

(32:37) Morning Star

(36:27) Tuonela

(41:00) Divinity


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