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(Playlist) 80s TED NUGENT - In 40 Minutes

While the 70's was more than kind to The Nuge (platinum albums and sold-out concerts everywhere), the 80s found The Motorcity Madman struggling to retain his audience and relevance.

The 80s started off strong enough with the popular Scream Dream record, but that was followed by a dud of a live album ... although in concept was an interesting idea. Intensities In Ten Cities (get it?) was full of new material, but most of it was too off-the-cuff, not incubated enough for prime time.

That was followed by Nugent, a record that is not highly thought of by the masses, but this Nugeaholic has taken it to his bussom. Sure the production (by Ted himself) is lacking (not enough emphasis on the guitar heft), but there's no problem with the material (as you'll hear).

Penetrator followed, introducing unwelcome keyboards and hair metal to the fray and was then followed by the even more egregiously light metal of Little Miss Dangerous (the worst album of the decade). While If You Can't Lick 'Em, Lick 'Em tried to revert back to the original Nuge formula to close out the decade, the songs just weren't there to do it justice. Nice thought though.

Regardless, there's more than enough quality material from the 80s to fill a playlist.

Don't agree? Them's fightin' words!!!

Side One

Scream Dream (1980)

(0:00) Violent Love

(2:53) Flesh and Blood

(7:36) Scream Dream

Intensities In Ten Cities (1981)

(10:53) My Love Is Like A Tire Iron

Nugent (1982)

(16:46) Don't Push Me

Side 2

(19:21) We're Gonna Rock Tonite

(21:42) Fightin' Words

Penetrator (1984)

(24:41) Do You Want My Love

(28:11) Tied Up In Love

Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

(32:34) Crazy Ladies

If You Can't Lick 'Em ... Lick 'Em (1988)

(36:20) Skintight


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