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(Playlist) 80s NAZARETH - In 40 Minutes

Time for The Mighty Decibel to focus again on our fave Scottish hard rock act ... Nazareth.

This time we're delving into their 80s output, an era which saw the band's fame dwindling progressively throughout the decade. But fear not listeners, there's more than enough top notch material from these albums to fill out a great 40 minute playlist.

Hear how the boys in the band let the s*** hit the fan!!!!

Side One

Malice In Wonderland (1980)

(0:00) Showdown At The Border

(4:10) Talkin' To One Of The Boys

(8:24) Ship Of Dreams

The Fool Circle (1981)

(12:28) Dressed To Kill

2XS (1982)

(16:00) Boys In The Band

(19:07) Love Leads To Madness

Side 2

(22:47) Take The Rap

Sound Elixir (1983)

(25:28) Rain On The Window

(29:50) Local Still

(33:20) Rags To Riches

The Catch (1984)

(36:43) Sweetheart Tree

Cinema (1986)

(39:43) Hit The Fan


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