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(Playlist) 80s MOTORHEAD - In 40 Minutes

We here at The Mighty Decibel are huge fans of all eras of the UK's finest exports, Motorhead. Today we celebrate Lemmy and his revolving gang members of the 80s.

Yes, it was a turbulent year, member wise, but there's tons of great stuff to sink your teeth into.

Time to let 'em shine!!

Side One

Ace of Spades (1980)

(0:00) Shoot You In The Back

(2:38) Fire Fire

(5:18) Dance

Iron Fist (1982)

(7:55) Heart of Stone

(10:58) Sex and Outrage

(13:06) Don't Let 'Em Grind You Down

Another Perfect Day (1983)

(16:12) Shine

Side 2

(19:24) Tales of Glory

(22:18) Rock It

Orgasmatron (1986)

(26:11) Nothing Up My Sleeve

(29:24) Ridin' With The Driver

Rock'N'Roll (1987)

(33:10) All For You

(37:21) Boogeyman


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