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(Playlist) 80s ARMORED SAINT - In 40 Minutes

Armored Saint introduced themselves with a bang via their March of the Saint debut, garnering attention from headbangers world wide. However, they were never able to build on the initial euphoria, forever being relegated to the B-Division of trad metal bands.

Too bad, because in John Bush they had one of the best vocalists in the idiom to have shouting into a microphone for them. Regardless, here we present the cream of the Saint discogrpahy from the 80s for your listening enjoyment.

Can these underdogs deliver? You betcha ...

March of the Saint (1984)

(0:00) March of the Saint

(4:13) Can U Deliver

(7:49) Mad House

Delirious Nomad (1985)

(11:38) Conqueror

(16:06) Long Before I Die

Side 2

(18:53) Released

Raising Fear (1987)

(21:57) Raising Fear

(25:47) Chemical Euphoria

(30:31) Underdogs


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