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(Playlist) 70s STATUS QUO - In 40 Minutes

Shame that most headbangers in North American are clueless as to the joys of the mighty Status Quo ... a band I consider to be the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time (move over Rolling Stones!).

This episode we focus solely on Quo's golden era, a period where the band rocked hard and got down for some of the most righteous boogie ever put down to tape.

Don't hold back, just roll over and lay down!!!

Side One

Piledriver (1972)

(0:00) Paper Plane

Hello! (1973)

(2:49) Roll Over Lay Down

Quo (1974)

(8:32) Just Take Me

(12:03) Break The Rules

On The Level (1975)

(15:42) Little Lady

Blue For You (1976)

(18:44) Mad About The Boy

Side 2

(22:19) Rolling Home

Rocking All Over The World (1977)

(25:23) Hold You Back

If You Can't Stand The Heat ... (1978)

(29:54) Long Legged Linda

Whatever You Want (1979)

(33:27) Shady Lady

(36:32) Rockin' On


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