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The Mighty Decibel provides you, our fearless listeners, with the soundtrack of extreme metal for 2023.

From death defying death metal, to burnt-to-the-crisp black metal to speed obsessed thrash metal ... and beyond ... this playlist will challenge even the hardest of extremists ears.

Are you heavy enough?!

Side 1

(0:00) "Torment": BODYFARM - Ultimate Abomination

(3:30) "On Tenbrous Wings": SHAKMA - On Tenebrous Wings

(8:23) "Death Incarnate": MORPHETIK - Proclomation of War

(10:37) "Uuden Ajan Tuhoon": VICTIMARUM - Demo 2023

(15:15) "Leaping Over Headstones": PUTRID EVIL - Exhumed ...From the Unhallowed Ground

(16:03) "Asleep At the Wheel": ELECTROCUTIONER - False Idols

(19:31) "Thunders of Darkness": IMMORTAL - War Against All

(23:19) "Hunting Down the Living": ROTTEN CASKET - Zombicron

Side 2

(27:20) "Bang Your Head For Satan": SLAUGHTERED PRIEST - Bang Your Head For Satan

(31:18) "Ancient God of Earth": MORTUAL - Evil Incarnation

(33:44) "A Dark Sun Rises": MALLEUS - The Fires of Heaven

(37:56) "Uma Um Eles Cairao": CRANIAL CRUSHER - Ciclo da Degradacao

(42:00) "Kingdom of Decadence": ABYSSAL WORM - Kingdom of Decadence

(43:53) "Storm of Terror": NECROMANCER - Arrival of Death

(45:55) "The Cult of Infinity": LUCIFUGE - Monoliths of Wrath

(49:26) "Tromokrator": VASANIST - Deceptor

(52:46) "ACAB": SATAN'S ELIXIR - Metal Punk For Satan

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