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(Playlist) 2022 : THE YEAR IN EXTREME METAL - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel for our specially curated look (listen?) of the best in extreme metal for the year. Listen to the best thrash, black and death metal (along with its many incestuous variants!) of the year.

Thrash or be thrashed!!!


Side 1

(0:00) "Sorcery Rites": KRUSHHAMMER - Blood, Violence & Blasphemy

(2:11) "666 Dead Angels": SAVAGE NECROMANCY - Feathers Fall To Flames

(4:14) "Spite Is My Scepter, Blood Is My Crown": OPPRESSIVE DESCENT - Spite Is My Scepter, Blood Is My Crown

(8:50) "Sepulchral Flames": SEPULCHRAL - From Beyond The Burial Ground

(13:02) "Transylvanian Whore": TERRORHAMMER - Gateways To Hades

(16:58) "Of Molded Bread and Rotten Wine": ULTRA SILVAM - The Sanctity of Death

Side 2

(22:18) "Beast Inside": ELIZABETH - Elizabeth

(24:55) "Summon The Angels": BLACK BEAST - Arctic Darkness

(30:12) "Worship The Degenerate": AL-NAMROOD - Worship The Degenerate

(33:06) "The Uplands of Awrystli": OFFERWINTRAN - It Often Befalls Those ...

(38:19) "Evil Majestic Vengeance": WARKVLT - Le666ion of Nusantara

(42:16) "Lethal Injection": KRYPT - Ripe With Sin


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