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(Playlist) 1989:THE YEAR IN METAL - In 40 Minutes

We continue with our 'The Year In Metal" series by proceeding to 1989, a year where thrash metal continued to dominate the heavy scene (check out our previous episodes!). Other extreme sub-genres are represented as well, as hardcore, death metal, crossover and black metal also make appearances.

But fear not you non-extremists out there, a hard rock reference has been added as a pallette cleanser, so to speak!

1989 ... we can go harder than ever!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Love Us Or Hate Us": KREATOR - Extreme Aggression

(3:41) "Crush The Demoniac": CRO-MAGS - Best Wishes

(7:34) "Ausgebombt": SODOM - Agent Orange

(10:37) "After World Obliteration": TERRORIZER - World Downfall

(14:04) "Verbal Razors": EXODUS - Fabulous Disaster

(18:09) "Godly Beings": OBITUARY - Slowly We Rot

Side 2

(20:04) "Mass Hypnosis": SEPULTURA - Beneath The Remains

(24:26) "Drive": EXCEL - The Jokes On You

(26:51) "Harder Than Ever": VENOM INC. - Prime Evil

(29:59) "We're Not Saints": STEVE JONES - Fire & Gasoline

(33:41) "Bleed For The Devil": MORBID ANGEL - Altars of Madness

(36:03) "Life In Forms": ACID REIGN - The Fear

(41:33) "We Can Go": GANG GREEN - Older ... Budweiser


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