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(Playlist) 1983:THE YEAR IN HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

1983 brought another treasure trove of exquisite albums for those with an ear for things heavy. The Mighty Decibel has put together a playlist celebrating the year and, as you will hear, it indeed was a year of diversity of sound.

From extreme metal (thrash, speed and black) to the NWOBHM to hard rock to boogie to southern rock ... it's all represented here, as we celebrate 1983.

Let it loose!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "The Final Command": SLAYER - Show No Mercy

(2:32) "Bedlam In Belgium": AC/DC - Flick of the Switch

(6:24) "Stand Up and Fight": EXCITER - Heavy Metal Maniac

(9:11) "Trashed": BLACK SABBATH - Born Again

(13:27) "Black Funeral": MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa

(16:17) "Jet To Jet": ALCATRAZZ - No Parole For Rock'N'Roll

(20:45) "Motorbreath": METALLICA - Kill Em All

Side 2

(23:54) "Mind Over Metal": RAVEN - All For One

(27:32) "Can't Be Done": STATUS QUO - Back To Back

(30:39) "Tales of Glory": MOTORHEAD - Another Perfect Day

(33:33) "Goin' In Circles": BLACKFOOT - Siogo

(36:36) "Future Wars: ANVIL - Forged In Fire

(39:47) "Let It Loose": SAVAGE - Loose'N'Lethal

(43:09) "Sun and Steel": IRON MAIDEN - Piece of Mind

(46:36) "Sweet Dixie": MOLLY HATCHET - No Guts, No Glory


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