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(Playlist) 1981:THE YEAR IN METAL - In 40 Minutes

Onto the 80s we go and heavy metal/hard rock was undeniably on the upswing. A bunch of young whippsnappers were nipping at the heels of the established giants, egging them onto heavier and better heights. So it's more than appropriate that our playlist oscilates between the NWOBHM and veteran camps throughout this head-shakingly good set of tracks.

There's panic in the streets when the mob rules!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "The Mob Rules" - BLACK SABBATH - Mob Rules

(3:14) "Wrathchild": IRON MAIDEN - Killers

(6:09) "On The Run": JUDAS PRIEST - Point of Entry

(9:52) "Fire Down Under": RIOT - Fire Down Under

(12:25) "Chains Chains": UFO - The Wild, The Willing and the Innocent

(15:51) "Angel Dust": VENOM - Welcome To Hell

(18:31) "Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)": THIN LIZZY - Renegade

Side 2

(22:41) "Panic In The Streets" - PRAYING MANTIS - Time Tells No Lies

(26:24) "Enough Is Enough": STATUS QUO - Never Too Late

(29:16) "Raised On Rock": TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Crazy Nights

(32:39) "Good Morning": BLACKFOOT - Marauder

(36:16) "Love Is Dead": VARDIS - The World's Insane

(38:59) "Crazy Miss Daisy": FRANK MARINO - The Power of Rock'N'Roll

(42:08) "Mr. 69": KROKUS - Hardware

(45:18) "Witch Hunt": RUSH - Moving Pictures


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