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(Playlist) 1980:THE YEAR IN METAL - In 40 Minutes

Onto the 80s we go and heavy metal/hard rock was undeniably on the upswing. A bunch of young whippsnappers were nipping at the heels of the established giants, egging them onto heavier and better heights. So it's more than appropriate that our playlist oscilates between the NWOBHM and veteran camps throughout this head-shakingly good set of tracks.

Steel yourself, your about to experience a loss of control!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Steeler" - JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel

(4:30) "Euthanasia": TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Wild Cat

(8:17) "Loss of Control": VAN HALEN - Women and Children First

(10:55) "Freeway Mad": SAXON - Wheels of Steel

(13:37) "Warped": BLACKFOOT - Tomcattin'

(17:49) "Answer To The Master": DEF LEPPARD - On Through The Night

(21:00) "Neon Knights" - BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hell

Side 2

(24:49) "Prowler": IRON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden

(29:24) "Youngblood": UFO - No Place To Run

(33:24) "Angel Witch": ANGEL WITCH - Angel Witch

(36:47) "Violent Love": TED NUGENT - Scream Dream

(39:52) "Out of the Way": VARDIS - 100 MPH

(42:47) "Finish Line": FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH - What's Next

(46:56) "Givin' The Dog A Bone": AC/DC - Back In Black


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