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(Playlist) 1971 : THE YEAR IN HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

Let's go back in time when heavy metal was just beginning to find its legs (after its birth in 1970 with BLACK SABBATH's self-titled debut). Back then hard rock and metal were terms used interchangeably, so don't be surprised to see both represented in this 40-minute curated set of the best hard music made that year. And you might just stumble into some good, old fashioned, hard rock'n'roll too!!!

A big salute to 1971 ... she was a mean girl!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Rock'N'Roll" - LED ZEPPELIN - IV

(3:42) "After Forever": BLACK SABBATH - Master of Reality

(11:08) "Brown Sugar": ZZ TOP - ZZ Top's First Album

(16:33) "Bitch": ROLLING STONES - Sticky Fingers

Side 2

(20:12) "Fireball": DEEP PURPLE - Fireball

(23:36) "Mean Girl": STATUS QUO - Dog Of Two Heads

(27:31) "157 Riverside Avenue": REO SPEEDWAGON - REO Speedwagon

(31:31) "Dear John": NAZARETH - Nazareth

(35:11) "Bird of Prey": URIAH HEEP - Salisbury


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