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(Playlist) 00s MELECHESH - In 40 Minutes

Cheers one and all for taking on this journey, for you will be amazed by the total originality of sound that awaits you. For Melechesh is a most singular entity, creating its own musical sub-genre ... Mesopotamian metal.

Mixing punishing black metal with Middle Eastern rhythms (seriously, check out the drumming!), here we have some of the very best extreme metal to be found on this much abused world of ours.

From Jerusalem with much occult turbulence, here is ... Melechesh!!!

Side One

Djinn (2001)

(0:00) Whispers From The Tower

(1:06) Genies Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights

(5:02) Summoning of Frit and Genii

(12:42) Wardjinn

Sphinx (2003)

(17:53) Annunaki's Golden Thrones

Side 2

(23:00) Triangular Tattvic Fire

Emissaries (2006)

(27:29) Rebirth of the Nemesis

(34:06) Ladders To Sumeria


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