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Interested in picking up some rare (or not so rare) heavy metal/hard rock vinyl, CDs or DVDs? If so, go to The Mighty Decibel's Discogs page where we're offering up some of our personal collection for sale.

Just select the yellow "Discogs Store" button on our mast head above and you'll be taken to our store!

My personal story: I started collecting vinyl in the mid-70s until the early 90s. That's when I switched to tape collecting for a few years, before transitioning into CDs in the mid-90s until the late teens. All of the stuff we're putting up for sale is first run (unless specified).

For example, we have a first run copy of Razor's debut EP Armed and Dangerous up for sale. A rare gem to be sure. How about Bathory's debut or Leprosy by Death in vinyl format? Want that rare Motorhead Live at Manchester CD (one of only 1000 ever made) of the band on the Another Perfect Day tour? It's all there and more ...

We just started up the site, so lots more additions will be added as we grow the store ... so remember to check back often.

Happy hunting!!!

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