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(Metal'N'Roll) ALPHA BOYS - Saviours of Rock'N'Roll album review

Release Date: January 21, 2021 (Sliptrick Records)

Written by: Jeff Tighe

Sweden's Alpha Boys may see themselves as the saviours of rock'n'roll, but their English language lyrics make it clear that they have an important side mission: the war on the sober. I've never seen this many songs about getting drunk outside of a Tankard album. The depiction of the band on the album cover of five buff muscle men was confusing given the amount of alcohol they brag about drinking, but their videos show the only six packs these guys have are in the fridge.

Musically the Boys may just be the saviours of rock'n'roll though. They have hit a sweet spot where their output is more than heavy enough for most metal heads, but it really is just good ol' rock'n'roll. Some songs like "Too Smart to be Sober" and "Drunk on a Sunday" veer right into the punk'n'roll camp.

The strength of this debut full length album is in the writing. The songs are heavy, catchy and the lyrics are worthy of Spinal Tap all at the same time, and the quality remains high throughout the ten song, 31 minute effort.

AlphaFill's vocals are clean but gruff, while Jonny Appendix and Dave Destruction supply great guitar riffage, and Untforzer's bass rumbles along. Other highlights include "No Girls Allowed" and "Han(d) Solo".

If you are a fan of The Supersuckers or Nashville Pussy (and who isn't?), then this one is for you. (8.5)


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