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(Live Review) UNCLE ACID + KING BUFFALO (Thalia Hall, Chicago)

Review by: Mark McQueen

3/30/22: Thalia Hall Chicago

Opener: King Buffalo

Headliner: Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

King Buffalo:

King Buffalo is essentially Pink Floyd doom. Their keyboards really add to the psyche riffs and the melody, as each song takes the watcher on a journey. The Buffalo based unit isn’t flashy but still packs a punch. Percussion drives these songs into a ceremonial mode and the guitars pop, rise, and fall like waves in the sea of drums. The lyrics in live mode are almost unnecessary except to make the song about something. It’s the “music” that makes the Buffalo run through the musical fields.

Very nice act.


Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats:

Uncle Acid hit the stage with their psychedelic-horror-movie-under-a-lava-lamp attack. The uniqueness of their vocals goes a ways to enhance the psych appeal of these guys. Lights are not great as they prefer to remain shadows to their audiences, but the video screen shows an array of horror and B movie clips that enhance the songs. The usual solid guitar and rhythm carry most of their numbers, and it’s like taking a hit and staring at the colors. They’re good at what they do and “13 candles” is MY uncle acid song. Overall an impressive evening.



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