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(Live Review) OLD BLOOD, COYOTE MAN and more - Chicago (Reggie's Music Room Mar 20/22)

Review by Mark McQueen

CHOKESETTER Good standard stoner sound. Vocals only semi clear, so that’s a little off my preference. Points for animation though. The beat and rhythm was pretty good for an opening band. “World Eater” slipped off stoner mountain and right into the doom crevice, which showed variety of style. I am going to give them an 80/100 which is pretty solid for vocals that I’m not a fan of.

PURE PILOT PURE PILOT was stoner as well, but with a definite doomy groove. Grab your doomboard and catch the wave, then ride it in. Song wise, they left some on the table, but I liked the stoner groove segments. (83/100)

COYOTE MAN Stoner riffs crossed with the KARMA TO BURN /LAZUR WOLF surfer doom instrumental groove. I like it. (86/100)

OLD BLOOD This is my first look at them in about five years and my first viewing with new vocalist Lynx. They present a faster song style than they did in 2017. Less circus art and far more straight ahead rock. The songs are far more driving and less ethereal than five years ago. Although there is a place in doom for that 2017 style, OLD BLOOD is no longer just doom, but more hard rock or maybe acid-doom. . That said, they are easily engaging. Nice effects with lights and sound. No shortage of energy from anyone, but props to the guitarist who clearly took the RUSH/Shakespeare adage of “all the worlds a stage”, as he took his playing all over Reggie’s music room.

As sultry as her name implies new vocalist Lynx purred and prowled the stage like a predator as she crooned and growled the lyrics.

This was a hard working band playing a Sunday show as if it were Saturday night in the United Center. Definitely no one left feeling cheated of energy effort or exuberance. (89/100)


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