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(Live Review) IMMOLATION, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and more - Reggie's Music Room Chicago (March 12/22)

Reviewed by Mark McQueen

MORTUARY SUPPLIER (3-piece death doom) When they leaned on the doom side of the equation, they actually weren’t bad. Decent atmospheric straddling the funeral doom world. Once they jumped to the death side though, I wasn’t as enthralled, (or perhaps embalmed). The doomy stuff saved a bad grade though. Giving 75/100 for being the opener.

MORTIFERUM (death doom at a higher level)

They looked better as a band, the doomy parts were nice and thickly heavy, playing well off the frenzy of the death sections. Voice was typical of the indistinguishable death sound, but not annoyingly so. Overall, a pretty good performance.


IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT (black metal feel with masks and atmospheric screams and effects) A lot to take in, but I can get into it. The horns and brass sections added to the overall darkly chaotic nature of the music. Somewhere near what CULT OF FIRE is doing but not quite as theatrical. Still, nicely engaging.


IMMOLATION ( legendary death/doom) Less atmosphere than IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, but what they may lose in ambiance, they recapture in skill of playing their instruments and creating a METAL show. Maybe not as good as their Vegas set was in 2021, but still IMMOLATION is a premium band in their genre. (86/100)


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