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We continue with our "Hardcore Punk" week, this time sharing with you, our fearless readers, our top 25 hardcore punk releases of 2021 (all garnering at least an 8 out 10 on our scoring rating scale). Whether it be trad hardcore punk, d-beat, grindcore, hardcore ... or whatever sub/sub genre of hardcore punk you like, we've got you covered!

The listing is in reverse order (to add a bit of suspense you see!), and also includes links to music.

Grind it up!!!

#25 SEPSIS - Demo 2021 (crust punk)

#24 DISKRASUKI -No Meio Do Nada (d-beat)

#23 TOMBSQUATTER - Straight To The Void (d-beat/rock'n'roll)

#22 WARFRONT - Warfront (punk/metal)

#21 KONSENSUS - New Age of Terror (grindcore)

#20 SVAVELDIOXID - Forsta Dagen Efter Sista Bomben (d-beat)

#19 TRUE CROSS - No Fucker (raw punk)

#18 ATTESTOR - II (d-beat punk rock)

#17 GROUND SWEAT - Shredded and Destroyed (thrash grind)

#16 CONTRACT KILLER - Fat Cat (crust punk/crossover)

#15 TRAPPIST - Cross Faded Split EP (crusty hardcore thrash)

#14 DISHELL - Teutonic Beat (d-beat)

#13 ZVARNA - Undiagnosed Psychedelic (d-beat)

#12 CAMPANA DEL TERROR - Boicot (kangpunk)

#11 HALLUCINATION - Hallucination (d-beat/noise punk)

#10 ZEIT - Betonkrebs (grindcore)

#9 FILTHSCUM - Haudeshreck (d-beat)

#8 LAST AGONY - The Imminent Slaughter (raw hc/noise punk)

#7 TYSTVAR - TysvaR (raw punk)

#6 NUCLEAR DEATH - Bride of Insect (grind/death)

#5 KOVAA RASVAA - Tasaluvulla Tailuvaisuteen (hc punk)

#4 MATRAK ATTAKK - What The Fuck Is Under the Spotlight? (anarcha feminist crustcore)

#3 CAPRA - In Transmission (hardcore)

#2 OSSACRUX - Complete Discography 2011-2016 (hardcore punk)

#1 HOPE? - Dead and Gone (d-beat/crust punk)


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