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We continue with our "Hard`N`Heavy Week`` this time sharing with you, our fearless readers, our top 20 releases of 2021 (all garnering at least an 8 out 10 on our scoring rating scale). Whether it be trad metal, hard rock, rock`n`roll, punk ... or any other heavy musical genre outside extreme metal, doom and hardcore punk, we've got you covered!

The listing is in reverse order (to add a bit of suspense you see!), and also includes links to music.

Grind it up!!!

#20 BILLY F. GIBBONS - Hardware (blues rock)

#19 ACCEPT - Too Mean To Die (trad metal)

#18 EISENHAND - Fires Within (trad metal)

#17 HEAVY SENTENCE - Bang To Rights (trad metal)

#16 TWO HEADED DOGS - The Engine Is On (hard rock)

#15 ZALOMAN GRASS - The 4-Track EP From The Live Sessions at Radar Studios (blues rock)

#14 STARLIGHT RITUAL - Sealed In Starlight (trad metal)

#13 SINTAGE - The Sign (trad metal)

#12 SOLARIUS - Universal Trial (psych blues rock)

#11 HEAVY METAL ADDICTED - Criminal Ways (metal`n`roll)

#10 MOTORASTOLA - Working Class Metal (metal'n'roll)

#9 BEWITCHER - Cursed Be Thy Kingdom (trad/speed)

#8 HOT BREATH - Rubbery Lips (rock'n'roll)

#7 CHEAP TRICK - In Another World (classic rock)

#6 BLOOD SPORT - Hot Blood and Cold Steel (speed)

#5 BLAZON RITE - Endless Halls of Golden Totem (trad/epic)

#4 THE OUTCAST CREW - Myths & Yarns (Celtic folk/punk)

#3 ALPHA BOYS - Saviours of Rock'N'Roll (punk'n'roll)

#2 WITCHSEEKER - Scene of the Wild (trad/speed)

#1 STYX - Crash of the Crown (progressive classic rock)


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