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(Heavy) ALLEYWAY - After Dark album review

Release date October 13, 2020 (Sliptrick Records)

Wisconsin based unit Alleyway are back in action with their fourth full length (in seven years), a ten track, thirty minute venture into many realms of what can be constituted as "heavy music". "Next Passenger-X" get

s After Dark going with a headbang, visiting the bulldozing Motorhead territory musically. Next up is "Live Wild Now", an off-the-rails punk metal track that will agitate both punkers and metalheads once pits start revving up again (hopefully soon). "All The Screams" then follows, evoking thoughts of trad metal/speed metal environs. And on it goes throughout the album, oscillating between many different metal, punk, hard rock and rock'n'roll sub-genres ... but all fitting nicely under the "heavy" category.

Scratching my head a bit at the band's breadth of sound, I visited the Alleyway Facebook site where the explanation was soon found. Under the "About" section was the following explanation: "Party now ask questions later." With that in mind, it all makes sense, the boys obviously just bashing out whatever the hell comes out of their shared experiences/influences without a concern for labels. For lovers of Motorhead, Zeke, Ramones or anything else that makes you want to get off your ass and reach for a beer. Fun stuff.



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