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(Hardcore Punk) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Rival Squad and Hard & Cheap

Join us as we delve once again into the murky hardcore punk underground for some more short length releases ...

First up, Rival Squad's Tierra, our hardcore punk album for the month of October 2020 ( Containing six songs in a sweaty 13 minutes, the San Diego based unit step on the accelerator from note one to the final blast of intense d-beated fury. Notable not only for its velocity, but also for its strong writing, each track being memorable, and megaphone-to-the-ear vocals from Gremlin, Rival Squad has fashioned a mighty strong opening statement here. Blow-back-your-mohawk intensity awaits those who reach for this. Fave tracks: "Race War", "No Te Dejes" and "Heridas". (8)

Next some tough hardcore punk from Madrid, Spain's Hard & Cheap who've released the Hard Times For Cheap Lives EP ( The highlight of this four song, seven minute release is the clearly discerned rhythm section, the bass especially being clear and active, making this one of those physical releases that continuously pummels the stomach and chest. Kinda reminds me of prime Poison Idea in places. Old school hc punk for those who want to feel their music. (7.5)


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