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(Hard Rock/Heavy Metal) WYTCH HAZEL - III: Pentecost album review

Release date October 30, 2020 (Bad Omen Records)

Given the title of this album, it will surprise nobody to read that this is the third full length release from U.K's Wytch Hazel since their 2011 formation. What the band have on offer here is some old-style hard rock verging on melodic heavy metal for the discerning readers of the Mighty Decibel who take the occasional break from their steady diet of Norwegian Black Pagan Goat Metal.

This 10 song, 43 minute effort has a half-dozen very good songs on it, and a few that come across as filler. The better songs such as "He is the Fight" and "Archangel" are reminiscent of 1980s hard rocking Gary Moore. In a similar vein is "I Will Not" which is catchy enough to be a single, but still has a rocking heart. Other good ones are "Spirit & Fire", which takes this reviewer's mind back to primo Praying Mantis, and "I am Redeemed" with some Deep Purple-like organ.

Vocalist-guitarist Colin Hendra sings it clean, but his voice has enough character that it doesn't get boring or too smooth. The lyrics revolve around God and spiritualism, but they are not preachy, so that shouldn't be an issue for most people. The bands' instrumentation is also first rate as provided by Alex Haslam (guitars), Jack Spencer (drums) and Andy Shackleton (bass).

There are three or four songs that are a bit too pedestrian and pale compared to the rest, but they may be to the tastes of other hard rock aficionados. Worth checking out for readers who enjoy hard rock.



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