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(Extreme Metal) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Taskforce Toxicator and Gravedancer reviews

Welcome back to another bout of bombastic battering from the underground as The Mighty Decibel delves deep into the extreme metal underground for fresh meat.

We start off the hunt with Reborn In Thrash, the five-track sophomore EP from Taskforce Toxicator (Bandcamp). If you're into old school, quick-picking thrash with pistons-popping rhythmic thrusts akin to fellow German thrashers Vendetta, then this my friend will definitely be to your liking. Youthful and energetic, you can envision the lads wearing hightop running shoes and jeans, bouncing off their practice-space walls doing Scott "Not" Ian circles, loving every minute of their thrashified creations. Lest I give the impression that this is all 100 MPH extremism, Taskforce Toxicator do take the foot off the accelerator on two of the five tracks, showing some instrumental prowess and writing acumen. Top tracks - the outright thrashers, "Oppressor" and the title track. (7.5)

Next we dive into filthier extremism by visiting Sao Paulo's Gravedancer for their debut demo Ripping Metal (Hellprod). Opener "Black Winds of Doom" introduces the band's gnarly guitar sound, revisiting old school black thrash climes, akin to early Sodom. "Magic Circle" then follows containing more than a passing reference to first wave black metal, specifically debut-era Venom. The title track and "Evil Spell" come next, my personal faves here, as the band strike forth with speed metal fury, the leering vocals taking listeners into the muck and mire. Gravedancer complete the five-track, 19-minute release by providing a faithful cover of "Welcome To Hell", further reinforcing Venom's influence on the band. Wicked stuff ... highly recommended. (8.5)


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